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2014 Canada $20 Pond Hockey Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt)

2014 Canada $20 Pond Hockey Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt)

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2014 Canada $20 Pond Hockey Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt)


From the highest echelon of NHL greatness to a casual game of pickup in the street, hockey weaves the very fibre of this nation. This beautiful coin features a delightful coloured design of four boys and a family dog engaged in some lively play on a frozen pond. The wintry scene brings back memories of hockey's early days in Canada where settlers would take to the ice for a friendly game of pickup to break the monotony of the cold. It's a pastime that illustrates Canada's renowned stalwart hardiness, and continues to play out to this day as children both young and old take to frozen ponds to live this idyllic scene in Canada's rural communities.

In this coin's classic scene by renowned Canadian artist Richard De Wolfe, two boys battle for the puck while two goalies watch every move as they stand ready to block the puck that may come their way. In the background, wooden buildings, trees and gently sloping hills complete the rural setting.

"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Your dog got in the way—again."
"Well, it's not his fault. He loves to chase the puck, too, y'know."

Ah, yes, the coveted puck. Children assume warrior status as they spend hours chasing that black disk across the ice. Nothing can stop them-not frozen fingers and toes, interference from excited dogs, grumbling tummies, nor Mom shouting "Dinner!" from the distance.

"Just 5 more minutes!"

It's a scene that has played out on frozen ponds across rural Canada for generations-and as the cities and suburbs grew, so did the popularity of the game as children both young and old took to the streets to whack a ball instead of a puck.

Today, whether children face-off on a city block, a neighbourhood street or a country pond; the spirit of the game remains the same. Bonds of friendship forged through fun and play, while dreams of hockey greatness shout from inside oversized jerseys.

Item Number: 125548
Face Value: 20 dollars
Mintage: 8,500
Composition: 99.99% fine Silver
Weight (g): 31.39
Diameter (mm): 38
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof
Certificate: Serialized

Special Features:
- A wonderful collectible for hockey fans of all ages.
- A touching keepsake for family and friends who may have provided the perfect country setting to create childhood memories and hockey dreams. No matter what your skill level was, this coin will bring back special memories of how great it was to play hockey outside on a pond.
- Limited to 8,500 worldwide, a great gift for any sport enthusiasts.
- An original work by renowned Canadian artist Richard De Wolfe and expertly crafted in 99.99% pure silver with vibrant colour.

Coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black sleeve.
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