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2014 Canada $20 A Story of the Northern Lights - Howling Wolf (No Tax)

2014 Canada $20 A Story of the Northern Lights - Howling Wolf (No Tax)

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2014 Canada $20 A Story of the Northern Lights - Howling Wolf Hologram Fine Silver Coin (No Tax)

As is typical, the outer cardboard sleeve might be scuffed.

The northern lights are one of the most awesome phenomena on Earth. They are caused by solar wind, and although the earth has a protective shield to deflect solar particles, some of them do get trapped, and they produce huge amounts of electricity. As these electrical currents travel towards the earth, the magnetic field pulls them towards the polar regions where they mix with the nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere and fill the sky with shimmering waves of colour-green, blue, white or even pink.

Canadian artist Nathalie Bertin has created a breathtaking design of northern lights weaving across a winter night sky high above the boreal forest. A lone wolf stands howling in the foreground, the ribbons of light seeming to emerge from its muzzle in tribute to the awesome symphony of colour and sound that results when two of nature's most mystifying phenomena come together.

Item Number: 129299
Composition: Fine Silver
Mintage: 8,500
Weight (g): 31.39
Diameter (mm): 38
Face Value: $20
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- Stunning hologram captures the ethereal quality of northern lights with shimmering colour that seems to flow across the sky in this captivating coin design.
- Pure silver composition beautifully enhances the wintry scene and showcases the colour hologram to its best effect.
- Anyone will adore this coin for its magical representation of the northern lights. It's a stunning gift that will enthrall sky gazers, nature lovers, art lovers and travellers who have experienced the natural beauty of the North.
- 2nd coin in this series!
- Limited to 8,500 coins worldwide-a limited work of art that is a must-have keepsake!

Maroon clamshell with custom beauty box
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