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2013 Canada 25-cent Ducks of Canada - Mallard Coloured Coin

2013 Canada 25-cent Ducks of Canada - Mallard Coloured Coin

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2013 Canada 25-cent Ducks of Canada - Mallard Coloured Coin

Celebrating 75 Years of Ducks Unlimited Canada: The Mallard-Icon of Canadian Wetlands

This coloured cupronickel 25-cent coin measures 35 millimetres. The reverse image by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant features a mallard mating pair swimming in their customary manner toward the viewer, gently churning up the waterway in which they swim with their webbed feet so that it seems to spill from the scene's raised circular frame.

The brown-and-white mottled female leads the way, glancing back at her mate, who turns his graceful green head to her. Behind them loom wetland reeds where water meets land, and further back still the pines and deciduous trees of Canada's boreal forest tower against a bright, clear sky.

Item Number: 120710
Face Value: 25 cents
Mintage: 17,500
Composition: Cupronickel
Diameter (mm): 35
Edge: Plain
Finish: Specimen
Certificate: Serialized

Special Features:
- This stunning cupronickel 25-cent coin featuring a mallard mating pair in full colour is sure to match the Royal Canadian Mint's highly successful, sold-out painted bird coins in popularity.
- A unique opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ducks Unlimited Canada with a keepsake whose aesthetic appeal stands on its own.
- Melding the Royal Canadian Mint's world-renowned artistry and craftsmanship with its exceptional technical skill for full-colour imagery, this coin is an excellent gift for bird aficionados, conservationists, nature lovers, and collectors of beautiful and unique coins.

Coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint branded maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black sleeve.
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