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2013 $10 O Canada - Holiday Season (#12) Fine Silver (No Tax)

2013 $10 O Canada - Holiday Season (#12) Fine Silver (No Tax)

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2013 $10 O Canada - Holiday Season (#12) Fine Silver (No Tax)

The last coin in the Royal Canadian Mint's exciting new O Canada series focusing on iconic Canadian images, this beautiful coin celebrates the unique blend of diversity, tradition, and modernity that characterizes Canada's celebration of winter holidays.

The reverse design by Canadian artist Doug Geldart presents the scene of a Canadian city street in the winter holiday season. Against the angular backdrop of modern glass and stone buildings, the traditional symbols of the holidays come to life. On the left side of the image, a horse-drawn sleigh passes along the snow-covered street, its top-hatted driver dressed in traditional garb and its smiling traveller dressed in toque, scarf, and mitts and warmed by a striped blanket. From the right, a bundled-up pedestrian crosses the street as the sleigh passes. In the background, a snowman seems to wave from behind the right side of a tall holiday tree decorated with garland and lights. A ribboned banner rises above the quaint streetscape.

Canada's national identity is much like its majestic landscape: diverse, storied, and sometimes elusive. In the ever-changing tectonics of Canadian culture, identifiers tend to reflect the nation's natural assets and social and political institutions. Born of this complex background, Canadian icons are distinct because they carry meaning for all Canadians, regardless of where we live or how we came to be here. These are the images that plumb the depths of Canadian pride and kindle Canadians' love for their home.

The near guarantee of at least some holiday snow in most regions of Canada makes traditional images of snow-covered, sleigh-filled holiday scenes particularly poignant here. In a multicultural society with numerous cultural and religious traditions, Canada is home to a plethora of seasonal holiday celebrations. And whatever a particular group's reasons for celebrating, we can all unite under the banner of warmth, comfort, and community-traditional Canadian values that seem even more important during the long cold dark of winter.

Item Number: 124107
Face Value: 10 dollars
Mintage: 40,000
Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Weight (g): 15.87
Diameter (mm): 34
Edge: Serrated
Certificate: Serialized

Special Features:
- This is the last coin in the Royal Canadian Mint's exciting new O Canada 1/2oz silver coin series. Rendered in 99.99% pure silver with limited mintages, this coin is sure to be sought after by collectors.
- This beautiful silver coin comes in a clamshell case encased in a special full-colour beauty box. - Engraved in exquisite detail to celebrate the festive season.
- A great gift and collectible.

Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a maroon clam-shell case lined with flock and protected by a customized full color sleeve.
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