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2012 Canada $10 R.M.S. Titanic Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt)

2012 Canada $10 R.M.S. Titanic Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt)

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2012 Canada $10 R.M.S. Titanic Fine Silver Coin (TAX Exempt)

Unprecedented Luxury, Unparalleled Calamity: The Tragedy of RMS Titanic

Early evening, April 14, 1912: Major Arthur Peuchen of Toronto, having just returned to his well-appointed cabin, C-104, after a midday swim, peels a ripe orange as he looks over the gifts he collected for his wife and children while in Europe. He examines a lovely pearl pin he found in France for Margaret and sits gracefully in the mahogany armchair by the bed, recalling that he will be dining with his friend, Harry Markland Molson, this evening.

It was Peuchen himself who persuaded Molson to sail home aboard the newly launched steamship. Unbeknownst to Peuchen, by morning, the luxury that surrounds him-and the companion he admires-will lie beneath the sea. Peuchen will be among the lucky few to escape with their lives.

Outside in the hall, railroad magnate Charles Melville Hays, president of Canada's Grand Trunk railways, shakes hands with his friend, American Colonel Archibald Gracie. Hays and his first-class companions will discuss 'progress' and the growing opulence and speed of travel.

To while away the hours as he makes his way to Ottawa for the grand opening of the sumptuous Chateau Laurier hotel, Hays will sip cognac and speculate with his companions about hubris and disaster. By morning, he and they will be gone.

But for now, outside the painted glass windows and mother-of-pearl-encrusted interiors that surround them, the setting sun greets these men and women on their relentless journey westward aboard RMS Titanic.

Item number: 118110
Face Value: 10 dollars
Mintage: 20,000
Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Weight (g): 15.87
Diameter (mm): 34
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof
Certificate: Serialized

Special Features:
- Designed by Canadian artist Yves Berube, the reverse features a finely detailed image of the bow and port side of the colossal vessel as it travels westward on its tragic maiden voyage, the North Atlantic waters shimmering in its wake. The iceberg that sealed Titanic's fate lurks in the foreground. The image also features the words 'R.M.S. Titanic' and a map of the Canadian Atlantic coast and the nautical coordinates at which Titanic sank.
- This 99.99% pure silver coin features finely detailed engraving that brings the spectacular details of Titanic to life.
- A beautiful memorial of a powerful event that continues to capture the world's imagination.
- The perfect gift for Titanic buffs, history enthusiasts, and numismatic collectors seeking unique treasures for their collection.

Coin is encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black sleeve.
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