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Colonial Acres Coins

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1965 Var. 2 Canada 1-cent Proof Like (SB, B5)

1965 Var. 2 Canada 1-cent Proof Like (SB, B5)

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1965 Small Beads Blunt 5 (Type 2) Canada 1-cent Proof Like

Small Beads, Blunt 5: The obverse beads along the rim are small and the coin has a flat field, the "A" in REGINA points between beads. On the reverse, the "5" in 1965 is nearly square on the top right.

Monarch: Elizabeth II
Designer & Engraver: Obv.: Arnold Machin; Rev.: G.E. Kruger-Gray
Composition: 0.980 copper, 0.005 tin, 0.015 zinc
Weight: 3.24 g
Diameter: 19.05 mm
Edge: Plain
Die Axis: ↑ ↑
Mintage: 304,441,082
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