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1955 NSF Canada 1-cent ICCS Certified EF-40

1955 NSF Canada 1-cent ICCS Certified EF-40

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1955 NSF Canada 1-cent ICCS Certified EF-40

Laureate Portrait, Maple Twig Design (1953-1964)

The portrait model for the new Queen Elizabeth coinages was prepared in England by sculptress Mrs. Mary Gillick. The relief of this model was too high, with the result that the centre portion containing two lines on the shoulder (representing a fold in the Queen's gown) did not strike up well on the coins. This first obverse variety has been commonly termed the "no shoulder strap" variety by many collectors. Later in 1953, the Royal Canadian Mint decided to correct the defects in the obverse design. Thomas Shingles, the Mint's Chief Engraver, lowered the relief of the model, and strengthened the shoulder and hair detail. This modified obverse (often called the "shoulder strap" variety due to the resemblance of the lines to a strap) was introduced before the end of the year and became the standard obverse. By mistake, the No Shoulder Fold obverse was used to produce some of the 1954 cents for the Proof-Like sets and a small quantity of 1955 cents for circulation.

No Shoulder Strap/Fold Variety: The "I's" on the coin are flared at the ends, the "I" in DEI points between two large rim denticles.

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II
Designer and Engraver: Obv.: Mary Gillick, Rev.: G.E. Kruger-Gray
Additional Engraver: Thomas Shingles
Composition: Composition: 0.980 copper, 0.005 tin, 0.15 zinc
Weight: 3.24 g
Diameter: 19.05 mm
Edge: Plain
Mintage: 56,403,193
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