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Colonial Acres Coins

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1885 Canada 10-cents Good (G-4) $

1885 Canada 10-cents Good (G-4) $

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1885 Canada 10-cents Good (G-4) $

Victoria Obverse 4:
Hair Detail: The first strand of hair folds into the second at the temple forming one thick strand.
Eyelid Detail: The upper eyelid is triangular in shape, trailing off to a point at the corner of the eye. The lower lid is poorly formed and does not meet the upper eyelid at the corner of the eye.
Outer ear detail: Two weak openings to the inner ear. The outer ear is "D" shaped.
Dates: Portrait Obverse 4 is currently known on the 1884, 1885, and 1886 10-cents.

Monarch: Victoria
Designer and Engraver: Leonard C. Wyon
Composition: 0.925 silver, 0.075 copper
Weight: 2.33 g
Diameter: 18.03 mm
Edge: Reeded
Die Axis: ↑↓
Mintage: 400,000
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