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What is Gold Estate Jewellery?

Gold Estate Jewellery

When you hear the term estate jewellery, it brings to mind images of grand celebrations, custom designs and the classic elegance of a bygone era. While the pieces are preowned, they may not necessarily have come from an estate. Every few years, jewellery designs are subject to trends just like fashion designs, and people start longing for something more original. That's what makes gold jewellery an excellent investment. As the saying goes, "Everything old is new again."

Gold Jewellery Throughout History

The earliest evidence of gold used as jewellery dates back to Eastern Europe around 4000 B.C. Throughout history, kings and queens across the world have used the rare metal in crowns, making gold synonymous with power and prestige. In Georgian and Victorian eras, luxurious fabrics and jewellery set with precious stones signified the wearer's wealth. It seems a natural progression that gold and gems would come to be a symbol of the precious nature of love and the value of commitment.

Gold Jewellery

Each era has qualities that set it apart from the others.

  • Victorian designs (1837–1900), were heavily influenced by art and architecture
  • Georgian era (1714–1837), they tended to be more delicate and contained more semi-precious stones.
  • Edwardian era (1901–1915,) introduced the lace-like filigree details that time is known for
  • Art Nouveau (1890–1910), this period set jewellers apart as artists. Many of the designs from the Art Nouveau period represented the female form or elements of nature such as flowers, dragonflies or butterflies.

Why You Should Choose Estate Jewellery

Acquiring a significant piece of jewellery can be a labour of love to find the perfect item. However, it can be a smart financial investment as well.


If you've ever heard your grandmother tell the story of her proposal while gazing lovingly at her engagement ring or wedding band, you have experienced the historical impact of jewellery. When someone proposes with an heirloom, there are years of love and profound importance attached to the moment. A special occasion marked by a gift of gold estate jewellery is made even more significant by the inherited history combined with the new history unfolding. At Colonial Acres Coins, each piece of jewellery offered is traceable to its origin, also known as provenance.


Even pieces by recognized designers can be acquired more reasonably than a new item. A new 24 karat gold design with flawless gems could be out of reach financially for some, but it may be achievable if it is preowned. Quality stands the test of time. Even a modest piece can be elevated by the fact that it is of higher quality than could be found with a new one at the same price point.


As most people know, antique items can continue to increase in value over time. Pieces from different eras like the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian periods could be even more valuable than others. This is true with jewellery as well. Art Deco design never goes out of style, and an item like a broach, ring or bracelet only becomes more sought after through the years. Some collectors consider jewellery examples of art and seek out particular jewellers or designers to acquire.


Advances in technology can present incredible innovation, but it can also water down the market with mass production. Estate and gold jewellery not only offer more individuality than can be found in newer offerings but also at a higher level of quality. Handmade pieces had the eye of the jeweller inspecting each item as it was created, and designers understood that the calibre of quality advertised their capabilities. When you want to find a rare or unique piece of jewellery, let Colonial Acres Coins help. Contact us today!