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Selling your old Jewellery is a great way to acquire some quick cash. You could also use the opportunity to update your personal collection by removing older pieces and replacing them with more modern ones. If you have broken pieces of genuine gold or silver jewellery lying around, why not sell them? Buying used jewellery is a perfect option for you if you are shopping on a restricted budget, or if you just fancy pieces that have some history.

The Era of Cash for Gold

Undoubtedly, selling old gold items is a great way to make extra cash. But it is really the buyers and not the sellers who are raking in the big cash when it comes to these deals. This is why so many cash for gold businesses have sprung up in local communities in Canada and around the world. In fact, if you live in, or frequent areas such as Waterloo or Kitchener, you’ll notice numerous cash for gold advertisements, signs and businesses and a quick Google search will reveal the online version of these physical stores. You may even find a few that only exists online (which should, of course, raise a red flag in your mind).

Smart Selling - Navigating to Find Fair Deals For Estate Sales

Selling Estate jewellery (a term applied to jewellery left behind by a deceased but more correctly refers to all kinds of used jewellery). It is very important that you use a reputable dealer when trying to sell or buy used jewellery. A reputable dealer is more likely to give you a fair price than a shady one. When you take your jewellery to a dealer for appraisals, for example, a shady dealer may try to convince you that it is worth less than it actually is. After selling to them, you may be shocked to find that the same item, with no modification whatsoever, sits in their display area at a price that more than doubles what you were offered.

Before you sell your jewellery, there are some important steps you should follow. Chief among these is careful consideration of your plans. Be sure you are ready to sell the item. Think carefully about it, especially if it has significant sentimental value. Items like family heirlooms and wedding rings can sometimes be worth more in emotional and sentimental value than any price that can be affixed to them.

Ensure that you get an honest appraisal of the item. In fact, there’s absolutely no harm in getting multiple appraisals done. Just ensure that the dealers you visit are legitimate.

Smart Estate Jewellery Buying

As a buyer of estate jewellery, you are safest with reputable dealers, who will be honest with you about their used collection. Usually, used gold and silver jewellery is melted down and fashioned into other items. Precious stones are typically used on other jewellery pieces. Some dealers try to extend their profit margins by failing to label the jewellery as used and then assigning a higher than usual price. Typically estate jewellery is sold at discounted rates (30% off is a popular figure). You can try to avoid being duped by inspecting the piece as closely as you can for signs (such as scratches, loose clasps and other indications of wear) but your best bet is just to find a reputable dealer.

Nonetheless, your newly purchased estate jewellery does not have to have that obviously used appearance. Discuss with your dealer, arrangements to repair flaws such as broken clasps (because you certainly don’t want to lose your gems after purchase) and other services they may offer to improve the appearance of the item.

While converting your old jewellery to cash is a great idea for many people, you should choose your dealer wisely to avoid being scammed. The same applies to those who wish to buy used jewellery. Legitimate Canadian dealers like those at Colonial Acres deal in both the selling and buying used jewellery and they offer you the best opportunity to conduct business in a fair and above-ground manner, ensuring that at the end of it all, you reap maximum benefits from the transaction.