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5 Reasons why selling gold and silver jewellery is worth it

Whether you sell your silver and gold jewellery for its jewellery value or due to silver or gold content, you are set to make a profit. Over the years, jewellery owners find that their collection becomes too large and items must be moved out in order to keep collecting new pieces. When you hold on to every piece that you have, you end up becoming frustrated when looking for something to wear or feel overwhelmed when considering cleaning out your collection. Read on to see the top reasons why it is worth it to sell your gold and silver jewellery.

Getting Rid of Old or Broken Pieces

When you have broken or old pieces in your collection, you have the option to sell. Your jewellery may not have a value when it comes to the jewellery piece itself but it will have value based on the gold or silver content. Selling jewellery in Kitchener for gold or silver value is a great way to earn top dollar for pieces that are broken or no longer worn. Simply have your items appraised to see how much you can earn. You will then have room for more jewellery and have money to go towards new pieces!

Extra Cash

Because you are selling your old pieces, you will have cash in hand. You can use this money to do whatever you like. Buy a new outfit or if you have earned quite a bit, go on a weekend getaway to enjoy the spoils of your sale!

High Value

When selling for gold or silver content, you will find the current value of these precious metals is quite high. You will be able to earn top dollar for your jewellery which will ensure that you make the most money you can by selling your pieces now.

Simple Process

By working with an appraiser who purchases jewellery based on silver or gold, you are able to simply sell your jewellery. No need to set up an advertisement for your pieces or go through a lengthy process. You simply bring your pieces to the appraiser and have them evaluated. Once the value is determined, you can choose to sell or keep your pieces.

No More Frustration

If your jewellery box is a mess, selling a few pieces will end your daily accessory frustration. You will have more room to enjoy the pieces you use and worry less about what to do with broken necklaces or bracelets you no longer wear. End your frustration by selling the pieces you no longer want or need.

At Colonial Acres, we can happily assist you with an appraisal of your unwanted jewellery items. We specialize in gold and silver and can have your items appraised quickly, offering you top dollar for your pieces. Give us a call today or check out our website to see just what we can offer you in regards to gold and silver jewellery appraisals. We look forward to working with you!