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Colonial Estate Jewellery

Colonial Estate Jewellery

If you’ve ever bought estate jewellery, you know there’s a certain thrill to the experience. If it’s something that you’ve been considering lately, chances are you’re already feeling the excitement and you’ve already started to inquire about where to buy estate jewellery. Continue reading below for some helpful tips to consider before you venture out.

Your Own Style

When purchasing a piece of jewellery, there are many things you can consider. Many times the right piece will set itself apart from the rest. This can be due to its design, or contain something of a personal touch, such as a birthstone. With a large variety to choose from, make sure the piece suits your personal taste and style.

Many Jewellery collections contain key pieces. This includes items that are meant for everyday wear, and those reserved for special occasions. A go-to piece of jewellerycan compliment any outfit, while special pieces become the highlight of your attire. A piece becomes timeless when it complements your personality.

Your Budget

Estate Jewellery can vary greatly in expense. There are a number of ways to find a piece that suits an individual’s budget. With a variety of metals and stones available on the market, you can find the pieces that best suit your personality while remaining affordable.

For instance, instead of a diamond, you can select a range of precious or semi-precious stones in an array of colours that are both elegant and add a special touch to any piece. This is a great way to personalize a piece for yourself or as an intended gift.

Additionally, when selecting the metals a piece is created from, can offer a variety of savings. When crafted in Gold, there is a variety of purities available, commonly ranging from 10K (being the most affordable), 14K and 18K. While other pieces can be crafted from Sterling Silver, which offers a deeper savings while maintaining fine craftsmanship and an appealing look.

How to Care for your Jewellery

Finely crafted pieces of jewellery have often withstood the tests of time. With both Antique and Vintage jewellery, these pieces were hand crafted as fine pieces of art which has set them apart from today’s market. When owning these items, care is of utmost importance, so they can carry on for many more generations to come.

Regular inspections of your pieces are important. This can be done yourself or by a trusted Jeweller such as Colonial Acres. Looking for loose stones or weak points in the item will help avoid a more costly repair down the road. Light cleaning of your item can also maintain the brilliance and appeal of your piece. It is best to inquire about the proper method of care at your time of purchase as it may vary for individual pieces.

Lady’s 10K Yellow & White Gold Blue Spinel Ring
Lady’s 10K Yellow & White Gold Amethyst & Diamond Ring
Lady’s Sterling Silver & CZ Ring
Lady’s 10K Yellow Gold ‘MOM’ Pendant With Diamond Accents

Colonial Acres - the Ideal Source for High-Quality Vintage Jewellery

If you’re buying jewellery, nothing beats the enjoyment and fulfillment of knowing that you made the best purchase possible. If you’re searching for a reputable jeweller that’s backed by a long history of customer satisfaction and more, Colonial Acres is the place for you.

Colonial Acres, Canada’s premier estate jewellery dealer is a reliable source for high-quality jewellery. At Colonial’s online and physical store, you’ll have access to a wide range of spectacular, character-filled estate jewellery as our friendly staff guide you through a survey of our catalogues. Our items include bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more. Once you’ve visited Colonial Acres physical or virtual store you’ll no longer need to worry about where to buy estate jewellery.

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