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Old or Broken Silver Jewelry: Is it Worth Anything?

If you are a jewellery collector, you most likely have old pieces you no longer wear or broken jewellery that you have just held on to. Today, this jewellery could have value if it is made of real silver. The silver market, both buying and selling, has become quite popular in recent years and you may be able to make money on pieces you would most likely just trash or give away in the future. Learn more about how your silver jewellery can have value below.

Getting to Know Silver

Silver is a metal used to create all types of jewellery, from bracelets and necklaces to rings. To determine the value of silver, the weight of the metal as well as purity will determine the overall value. An appraiser of jewellery in Kitchener will be able to use specific tools to determine how much value your jewellery has.

An electronic jewellery scale is used to estimate the value of the scrap pieces of silver. The purity of the silver is tested with an acid test kit to determine the purity level. Silver-acid testing solution is used to determine if the silver is 999, 925, 950, etc. in purity. Once the weight and purity are determined, the appraiser can then set a value for the silver of your jewellery.

Old and Broken Items

Silver can easily be melted down and then reused in a number of ways. This is why the material has value. When having your items appraised, any jewels or embellishments might be removed so that only the silver is weighed. This helps to give a true estimate and give you the exact value for the silver.

Not only can jewellery be appraised, but also other silver items such as silverware and décor. In the olden days, silver was a common material used, especially for items in the kitchen and dining room. Such items have value as an antique but also due to the silver properties. By having your items appraised by a professional, you can understand the value overall and see if you are better off selling for antique value or silver content.

At Colonial Acres, we specialize in silver appraisals as well as paper money and coin collections. We would love to assist you with an assessment of your items and provide you with top dollar payment if you choose to sell. We can appraise in our Kitchener office or in your home, if you have a large collection. Contact our office today to see how we can help you appraise your collection and get you the right monetary payment for your items.