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2021 Canada Endangered Species - Blanding's Turtle Specimen Set

2021 Canada Endangered Species - Blanding's Turtle Specimen Set
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2021 Canada Endangered Species - Blanding's Turtle Specimen Set

This year's specimen set from the Royal Canadian Mint continues the Endangered Species theme introduced in 2020. Home to more than 600 types of plants and animals considered to be at risk, Canada has a responsibility to protect rapidly vanishing species like the Blanding’s turtle, which is featured on the 2021 Specimen Set’s exclusive dollar coin.

Blanding's turtle can live up to 80 years, and it's population is suffering a dramatic population decline. With a late maturation of 14-25 years, even the smallest increase in adult mortality pushes it closer and closer to extinction. However, nest protection and head-starting programs such as the one established at the Toronto Zoo and it's partners are part of ongoing efforts to give the so-called "smiling turtle"

A newly hatched Blanding’s turtle is about the same size as this specimen dollar coin! A hatchling’s small size and soft shell puts it at high risk of becoming an easy meal for predators like raccoons, skunks, foxes and crows. But by the age of two, the turtle has grown a little larger and the shell has hardened enough to give the young turtle a fighting chance in the wild.

Easily identified by its bright yellow throat and chin, Blanding's Turtle has a wide, flatter shell that differs from most Ontario turtle species, and has a dome shell that resembles an army helmet. Its shell is black to brown with yellow flecks and streaks, and can reach 27 centimetres long. Blanding's Turtle lives in shallow water, and is typically found in large wetlands and shallow lakes with lots of water plants. Blanding's Turtle is found in and around the Great Lakes Basin, with isolated populations elsewhere in the United States and Canada.

Item Number: 179525
Mintage: 30,000
Finish: Specimen
Artist: Pierre Girard

2 Dollars:
Composition: Outer ring: Nickel-plated steel; Inner core: Three-ply brass finish plated aluminum bronze
Weight*: 6.99g
Diameter: 28.03mm
Edge: Interrupted Serrations

1 Dollar:
Composition: Three-ply brass finish plated steel
Weight*: 6.27g
Diameter: 26.5mm; 11 Sided
Edge: Plain

50 Cents:
Composition: Nickel-plated steel
Weight*: 6.9g
Diameter: 27.13mm
Edge: Reeded

25 Cents:
Composition: Nickel-plated steel
Weight*: 4.44g
Diameter: 23.88mm
Edge: Reeded

10 Cents:
Composition: Nickel-plated steel
Weight*: 1.75g
Diameter: 18.06mm
Edge: Reeded

5 Cents:
Composition: Nickel-plated steel
Weight*: 3.95g
Diameter: 21.2mm
Edge: Plain

Special Features:
• Second in a multi-year series: Keep your specimen set collection up to date with these 2021 coins! This is the second in our multi-year Endangered Species Specimen Set series. And just like last year’s (2020) set, the exclusive dollar coin has been dedicated to raising awareness about wildlife conservation and species recovery efforts in Canada.
• A timely topic: Ongoing efforts to protect and reverse the declining Blanding’s turtle population offer hope for the future of the species. Its re-introduction to the Rouge Valley in Ontario highlights the dedication of those involved in species reintroduction and recovery efforts, and reminds us that we all play a part in nature conservation.
• For reptile lovers: This is the first time a reptile has been featured on the annual specimen set’s dollar coin.
• A world exclusive: All six coins feature a specimen finish: brilliant and frosted relief over a lined specimen background. The Royal Canadian Mint is the only mint in the world to offer an annual set in a specimen finish.

Book-style packaging with removable lens and serialized certificate. CD lens concept with maroon outer cover and black beauty box.

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