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A lot of things can be said about gold. It sparkles under the right circumstances and has been the focus of many ancient and modern explorations. It has also been the foundation upon which many great kingdoms were built. Today, it is a highly desired precious metal and jewellery made with it adopt this same appeal. Before you buy gold jewellery though, you should be aware of some important gold-related facts. Here are the things that you should know before buying gold jewellery. Read here.


Gold is pretty delicate when compared with other precious metals or gemstones. In fact, in order to make is stand up to everyday use, jewellers mix pure gold with other substances such as copper alloy. The purity of gold is then measured based on the amount of non-gold substance that has been added. This purity is represented in Karats with the highest -24k- representing 100% pure gold.

Gold comes in a variety of hues and each hue is specifically related to the type and amount of substance that has been added. Rose gold, for example, is created when copper alloy is added to gold. Yellow gold is created when colour saturated alloys are mixed with natural gold. This is also what causes yellow gold to glow so boldly.

Four main factors are used to determine the price of gold jewellery. They include, the karat, the current trends of gold on the market and the craftsmanship used to design the item. Learn more also about  gold estate jewellery.


Colonial has waiting for you a wide array of gold jewellery. Our catalogues include beautifully designed earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings among others. You are always welcome to browse our physical and online stores to find that item of jewellery that appeals to your tastes. In order to maintain our stellar reputation we extend every effort to ensure that all our jewellery pieces are of the finest quality and design.

Take our 18k yellow gold lady’s set for instance. This pristine three-piece set includes a hand-assembled necklace, a size 7 ring and a pair of earrings. Each piece in the set is accentuated by marquise mixed cut natural rubies. Without a doubt, this piece will appeal to the collector with impeccable taste.

If you are interested in antique or estate jewellery, Colonial is still your number one source. Among our estate jewellery collection, you’ll find pieces like the vintage 18k yellow gold ruby and pearl pendant which stands out due to its remarkable beauty. The pendant has at its center, akoya cultured cream coloured pearls almost completely surrounded by an arrangement of mixed cut natural rubies.

If you are new to estate jewellery collecting, don’t worry. When shopping at Colonial you’re buying from highly reputable estate jewellery dealers. Our expert jewellers go the extra mile to ensure that the pieces we source for our collections are genuine. You can get your feet wet with us and as you continue to collect, you’ll eventually become a pro at identifying great estate pieces and capitalizing on opportunities to make excellent acquisitions.

With the right attention to detail and the right dealer, buying gold jewellery should be an investment that pays off in the future. Whenever you are ready to buy gold jewellery, Colonial is ready to serve you. Our team members are more than happy to make your jewellery buying experience both pleasant and fruitful.

When you want to find a rare or unique piece of jewellery check out our website and see how easy it is to buy gold jewellery online. Let our expert staff at Colonial Acres Coins help. Contact us today!

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