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Banknotes are more than just pieces of paper used to buy things you want. Each banknote features different information and intricate details. And different countries each have different types of banknotes. These individual banknotes have their own unique features, patterns or information, all of which makes collecting coins and banknotes a hugely interesting activity. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, understanding some of the oldest forms of money can be helpful in your future endeavors.



When it comes to collecting coins and banknotes, there are three biggest groups of money that collectors are typically interested in:

  • Ancient coins
  • Coins from around the world
  • Paper money from around the world


When it comes to ancient coins, they are usually categorized as either Greek or Roman ancient pieces. Do not let the age of these coins fool you. You’ll be glad to know that they can be bought at a bargain. Some notable Greek Coins on offer at Colonial Acres are:

  • 275-215 BC Syracuse Very Fine Coin (L95)
  • 450-330 BC Persia Lydia Darius III Siglos Coin in VF
  • Ancient Greece 300-200 BC Euboia Histiaia Tetrobol VF-EF.

Roman coins are further split into two separate categories: AD 96 – AD 476, and The Republic & the Twelve Caesars 280 BC – AD 96. Colonial Acres is home to the following examples of coins from the AD 96 – AD 476 category:

  • 147 AD Faustina Senior Silver Denarius Extra Fine
  • 307-337 AD Constantine I Coinage (L103)
  • 498 – 518 AD Byzantine Anastasius Follis Coin in Fine Condition
  • Plenty others

When it comes to The Republic & the Twelve Caesars 280 BC – AD 96 category of coins, you’ll be able to get your hands on these pieces at Colonial Acres:

  • 1965 Var. 1 Canada Dollar Proof Like
  • 44 BC Julius Caesar Silver Denarius Very Good
  • 92 – 94 AD Roman Domitian Brass Dupondius Very Fine
  • Roman Nicopolis ad Istrum Coinage in Very Fine Condition (L102)


World coins encompass coin pieces from a number of different countries, categorized into several groups. When you visit Colonial Acres in search of that special series, set or single coin piece from a particular country, here are just a few pieces you’ll be able to get your hands on:

  • Argentina 1883 2 Centavos AU-UNC
  • German Empire 1891F Pfenning Extra Fine
  • Great Britain 1617 Crown F-VF
  • Italy 1863 N BN 2 Lire VF-EF
  • Panama 1931 ¼ Balboa VF-EF


Collecting paper banknotes is a very popular activity practiced by millions around the world. Paper money is far more fragile and perishable compared to coins, which is another reason why collecting it poses a slightly more challenging hobby. There are numerous rare, interesting and well-preserved banknotes in existence, many of which can be found at Colonial Acres. Here are some examples:

  • 1944 Belgium Paper Money 100 Francs, VF
  • 1937 France Paper Money 50 Francs, VF
  • 1898 Germany Paper Money 100 Mark, VG
  • 1942 Ireland Note 1 Pound, Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd., F
  • 1949 Malta (ND 1963) 10 Shillings, A/2, PMG Certified VF-30, EPQ
  • 1919 Russia Paper Money 1,000 Rubles, AU1920 Yugoslavia Paper Money 10 Dinara (VG)


Colonial Acres Coins is home to an array of experienced and professional experts in numismatics, all of whom are eager to share their vast knowledge about ancient coins and banknotes with both beginner or professional collectors. Additionally, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose between countless rare and valuable banknotes or coin pieces, so go down to Colonial Acres today and enrich your collection.

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