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While gold and silver garner the headlines, copper deserves a chance to make its case as a valuable investment. Typically, copper is seen as a commodity. That is, it’s often dismissed by everyday investors and left to the professional class of investors, along with other consumable products like soybeans or zinc.

However, in today’s turbulent economic times, copper bullion in Canada represents a low-risk investment that offers real value. This overlooked metal makes an excellent entry in anyone’s portfolio.


The discovery of copper dates back almost 10,000 years, before the dawn of the Bronze Age. When discovered, it was the first metal known to man. Being one of the few metals that occurs naturally in a usable form, it was a key component of early tools. With the arrival of metallurgy, increasingly complex tools and weapons made from copper alloys became common.

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Today copper is found in a diverse array of everyday objects. The metal's ability to conduct electricity makes it a valuable component of circuit boards and electrical motors. Its heat dissipation properties allow it to serve in heat sinks and heat exchangers. You can also find copper in electromagnets and microwave ovens.

Copper has natural properties that act as antimicrobial agents. Studies have shown that various forms of copper alloys can kill more than 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria, including several strains of antibiotic-resistant organisms. Because of this, copper is often used in commonly touched objects like doorknobs, faucets, toilets, and computer keyboards.

The properties of copper also make it a popular construction material. It’s durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight. The green patina that naturally forms on it over time is attractive. This metal is also easily welded, making it an ideal construction solution in many situations.


Any investment expert will tell you the key to guarding against loss and inflation is to diversify. While gold and silver can help with this, copper represents a unique opportunity. Its ubiquity across industries means it’s in constant demand throughout the world. Furthermore, as living standards continue to rise globally, developing countries are also seeking out copper to meet the demands of new consumers.

Why Is Copper a Good Investment?

Copper prices are usually lower than gold or silver, making it an affordable option for investors new to metals. As copper is naturally occurring, there is a limited supply available to purchase. This remains true even as copper production increases.

As supply dwindles and demand rises, there exists an opportunity for investments to stem the tide against inflation and other losses in their investment portfolio. The current state of the global economy can be described as tenuous. While many have benefited through the global recession of 2008 and the current pandemic-driven turmoil, even more people have suffered from job losses, stock market losses, and lowered interest rates on their deposit accounts. This makes investing in copper a unique opportunity. It’s a low-risk asset that will stay in demand. Copper bullion especially can offer a safer return than high-risk stocks or other commodities.


How Do You Invest in Copper?

There are several different ways to invest in copper bullion. One of the most popular ways to purchase copper is through copper coins. Pure copper coins often come in 1 oz rounds. Those sold at Colonial Acres come with the added benefits of detailed designs that make them an excellent gift for coin collectors as well.

Beyond collector’s coins, you can also find pennies from the United States that are made from 90% copper. The United States changed the manufacturing process for its pennies to use zinc instead of copper in 1982, so any current American coins are not valuable in this manner. However, most experts agree that a pre-1982 penny, which is worth only one cent in American currency, is actually worth more than twice that due to its copper make-up. Copper bars are also available for those looking to make a large investment. They range in sizes, often from 1 oz to 10 kg.


Colonial Acres offers a variety of pure copper coins. With detailed designs that honour various aspects of North American heritage, they make a fine addition to any investor’s or coin collector’s portfolio. Quantities are limited, so make sure to purchase yours today!