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Selling Vintage Jewellery

Selling Vintage Jewellery

Selling vintage or used jewellery is a great way to acquire some quick cash minus the fuss. You could also use the opportunity to update your personal collection by removing older pieces and replacing them with more modern ones. If you have broken pieces of genuine gold or silver jewellery lying around, why not sell them? Simply put, it’s the way to go if you want to earn some extra cash and get rid of the pieces of jewellery that are old, broken, unwanted, or you’re not using anymore.

There are certain things that you should consider to ensure that you’re going to get value for money and a smooth hassle-free transaction. Need help with this? You came to the right place. Colonial Acres courteous staff are knowledgeable and will provide you a fair and expert appraisal on your valuables.


Condition is one of the most notable determining factors of the price that you’re going to receive when selling vintage jewellery. Remember, damaged and/or broken jewellery may not produce as much of a monetary return because the buyer will have to take in effect the cost for restoration and other related matters. If you decide to have your old jewellery repaired or restored, make sure to let the professionals handle it. This is to ensure that the quality of your used jewellery won’t be compromised.


When jewellery is cleaned or polished its appearance not only but looks better and exudes a sense of luxury. It is recommended to have any cleaning performed by professionals, especially if your jewellery come with gems and other precious stones. The most important benefit to leaving the repairs and cleaning to the experts is that you can be rest assured that your jewellery won’t be tarnished or damaged.

Vintage and Antique Jewellery


Bear in mind that the jewellery industry is a style driven industry. That being said, it’s best to understand the style of your jewellery since some demand a premium price, while others don’t. Make sure that you know some background about your jewellery but more importantly choose a trusted and reputable dealer when selling. Educating yourself in advance about any vintage piece will help you understand more about what the value is. Learn more about Colonial Estate Jewellery.

Choose your dealer

Selling vintage jewellery and turning them to cash is a great idea for many people, but you should choose your dealer wisely to avoid being scammed. The same applies to those who wish to buy used jewellery. Legitimate Canadian dealers like Colonial Acres Coins deal in both the selling and buying used jewellery and they offer you the best opportunity to conduct business in a fair and above-ground manner, ensuring that at the end of it all, you reap maximum benefits from the transaction.

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