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Zodiac Birthstone Coins: JULY - DECEMBER

Zodiac Birthstone Coins July to December

Following the blog we posted earlier in the year highlighting the first six of the highly sentimental birthstones by Royal Canadian Mint, we are now going to look at the remaining six. As always, the stones remain popular and dealers, such as Colonial Acres, have seen these gems become even more unique through zodiac coins, also known as Chinese lunar coins. Read more also about Chinese Zodiac Coins.

Peridot and Blue Sapphire Birthstones

If you were born from July 23 to August 22 the olive-green peridot is there to protect you. It's nursing powers includes magical effects on the breasts, stomach, liver and eye as well as aid alleviating anger, anxiety and jealousy. Peridot has historically been used for opposing dark and evil entities.

It's no surprise that blue sapphire is the birthstone for August 23 to September 23 and it remains uncontested by any gem for its place on the calendar year. Governed by Saturn, blue sapphire works towards eliminating depression and boosting energy. Just like rubies, the stone help to chase away uncertainty and offer a more guided path to solving any problems. Furthermore, blue sapphire offers healing powers by opening and healing the thyroid as well as calming and balancing the nervous system.

Opal and Topaz Birthstones

Opal strengthens Venus, the ruler of luxury and relationships so if you were born between September 23 to October 23, you're in luck. Whether it's marital bliss, companionship, fertility or sexual compatibility, opal will aid your life in at least one aspect. Its play of colour effect will have you entranced from the moment you set eyes on it. Opal reflects the mood of the wearer and is an emotional stone, highly reflective and absorbent. It is said to pick up on your creative thoughts, magnify them and send them back to you.

The more orange the better, topaz, is the gemstone from October 23 to November 21. The name Topaz is linked with many ancient languages such as Old French "Topace", Latin "Topazus" and "Tapooz" from Hebrew. It was believed that the precious topaz was ruled by the sun and even contained rays of it! The sun provides topaz with enchanting powers to heal its owners with huge benefits including happiness. Increasing the control of anger and rage, topaz entices calmness and positive behaviour. Enhancing the power of concentration, this precious gemstone enables you to think ahead in academics and soothes the mind of the owner.

Turquoise and Garnet Birthstones

November 22 to December 21 is the turquoise gemstone. It is perhaps the oldest stone in history. Soothing to touch, easy on the eye, yet strong and opaque, this powerful gem protects the owner from copious illnesses such as viral infections, eye disorders and stomach distress. For those who suffer from muscle aches or terrible migraines, turquoise is the stone to start working with. Sagittarius especially, but for us all, this colourful gem can help us find release and support communication. It is linked to our creativity and inspiration. The delicate cream or brown webbed colours often found accompanying the turquoise stone add to its character and make for a more unique stone.

December 22 to January 19 is the garnet gem. The stone of strength and safety also purifies, revitalizes and balances energies. Garnet balances the sex drive and reduces anger, especially towards yourself. It is the stone of strong, intense feelings for love and oneself.

Become a Zodiac Coin Collector

Colonial Acres has these zodiac coins available with a real Swarovski crystal at its core that reflects the birthstone. Each coin is 99.99% pure silver and has proof finish. Every year the Royal Canadian Mint releases highly rated collections including these wonderful Chinese lunar coins.