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Highlights of 2019 Royal Canadian Mint Coins

2019 was a spectacular year in many ways and this was definitely reflected in the global coin industry. In 2019, the Royal Canadian Mint took industry standards to an all-time high with the release of numerous cutting edge coins designed to wow local and international audiences. Consequently this year saw a number of Canadian and world premiers of never before seen pieces and features.

Included in the magnificent Royal Canadian Mint’s releases of 2019 are several outstanding coin sets. These sets showcase Canadian heritage, international symbols as well as seasonal changes. Some sets also have themes relating to celebratory occasions such as weddings, birthdays and birth. With valuable cores of pure silver and gold, these coins also make great investment tools as they typically increase in value over time. This value is enhanced even more if they become rare items.

The Pulsating Maple Leaf Coin

Royal Canadian Mint has a reputation for revolutionizing the collectibles industry with the release of never before seen coins. The Pulsating Maple Leaf was one such coin. This coin is a fine representation of the Royal Canadian Mint’s reputation for taking us from the ordinary to the extraordinary. A cutting edge design allows the large Maple leaf displayed on the face of the coin to pulsate as the coin is moved. The design includes tiny (less than a millimeter) Maple leaf-shaped mirrors arranged to create the larger Maple leaf shape. Outside the leaf is another reflective background that, at the right angle, becomes a shimmering lake-like background. The result is a beautiful replica of a Maple leaf floating on a lake, the same image that appeared on the ‘loonie’.

The Four Elements Coin Set

2019 also saw the debut of the theme ‘The Four Elements’ a coin set that was conceptualized by Masters Club member and avid coin collector Bernard Dumais, and designed to celebrate Mother Nature. A collection of four coins, each showcasing a different element-earth, air, fire, water, this series boasts a non-traditional coin shape as each is square-shaped rather than round. Each coin depicts an image representing one of the four elements. To make this set even more interesting, designers have essentially turned them into a puzzle so that when you fit all four together, the images merge to create one larger picture. This, of course, symbolizes the unity that exists within nature as these four elements combine to create the world we enjoy. With a 99.99% silver body and proof finish as well as a low mintage of 2000, each item in this coin set is undoubtedly a valuable collector’s item. With these coins in your palm you cannot help but reflect on the significance of these four elements on life in Canada and the world.

In Celebration of Optimus Prime

Two other revolutionary beauties in the 2019 collection are the coins designed to celebrate a figure that is popular around the world- the heroic Optimus Prime from the Transformer movies. On one, the $25 99.99% silver coin, Optimus Prime faces you with glowing eyes at certain angles belying the fiery nature of the character, especially in battle. The other coin has a 25 cent face value and shows Prime in action, transforming from robot to truck and back. Given the popularity of the movie around the world, it is no wonder this coin has international appeal.

Undoubtedly, the 2019 Royal Canadian Mint coins are positioned to revolutionize the numismatic community and wow those who simply love and appreciate all that is fine, unique and beautiful. But their long term value should also make them attractive as they carry very real monetary values that can turn into some pretty sweet economic advantages in the future. This is why they make such great gifts to present to friends, relatives, colleagues or even yourself.