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2016 Dawn of Justice Coins

Superheroes are timeless characters that have existed for centuries in print, movies and television. The recent fanfare around the newly released DC comic movies is evidence that superheroes are here to stay. Superhero memorabilia such as superman coins are great keepsakes and collector’s items for those who are fans of these powerful earth-saving beings. Royal Canadian Mint, in acknowledging the magnitude of superhero fame has dedicated numerous coin designs to these characters.

The Movie

In 2016, the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice wowed audiences around the world in a show of superhero action that held the audience spellbound and garnering a gross income of 873 million dollars. The movie, a follow up from the 2013 Man of Steel, featured a clash between two larger than life DC heroes, the man of steel and the dark knight. In the movie Superman's world collides with that of Batman as their conflicting views on protecting the earth meet head on in Metropolis. The two superheroes are temporarily distracted by their enmity while evil lurks in the shape of Lex Luther and his cronies who plan to turn things upside down. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of JusticeIn 2016, the Royal Canadian Mint has released the superbly awesome Dawn of Justice series of gold and silver coins. The coins showcase depicts scenes and characters from this epic star studded movie.

1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Batman vs Superman:
Dawn of Justice™ – The Trinity

This coin with a $20 face value pays homage to the super trio of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman. In a triple layered split screen, the coin’s artwork combines each of the three characters in portrait. The center frame shows Batman in a stoic pose with his face looking upwards and outward, reminiscent of a sentinel keeping watch over his city. On one side, Wonder Woman is poised to strike with her sword grasped in both hands with outstretched arms and blade standing upright parallel to her face. On the other Batman stands facing directly forward. All three names are written in the Kryptonian script. All three images are in colour, adding vibrancy to the characters represented.

1 OZ. Fine Silver Coin – Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice™ – The Trinity

2016 Canada $30 Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Silver Coin

2016 Canada $30 Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Silver Coin

Like the coin mentioned above, this coin features the trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in colour. Unlike its one ounce counterpart however, this coin reflects horizontal frames that stretch across the entire diameter. Each frame reflects the image of one of the three popular superheroes- Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. All three are in battle stance with the epic Superman fist raised in the air, the iconic Wonder Woman X-crossed arms in front of her face and Gotham’s knight, decked out in a stunning metallic armour with one arm bent backwards prepared for a forward thrust.

2016 Canada Batman Vs Superman- Wonder Woman

This coin celebrates the lone female in the superhero trinity, Wonder Woman. It has a face value of $10 and depicts wonder Woman in glorious colour. She strikes a powerful pose, seemingly in mid-stride, sword in the right hand and clenched fist in the left indicating that she is ready to strike.

2016 Canada $10 Batman vs Superman - Wonder Woman Premium graphic case

2016 Canada $10 Batman vs Superman - Wonder Woman Coin

Why Choose Superhero Coins

Superhero coins make the perfect keepsake especially for fans of the characters. There is a reason they appeal to us so much. They are embodiments of the better side of everyday people who take on heroic tasks, as well as all we hope to be and what we need in a world that is so often beset by evil. These characters inspire people to consciously act to ensure the well-being of others.

Royal Canadian Mint has provided comic world fans and coin collectors worldwide with a remarkable opportunity to grasp the world of DC comics in the palms of their hands through a diverse collection of Superman coins. These coins are ideal for gifting to that special someone in your life who you consider to be a superhero. They also compliment coin collections very well.