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Oh Canada Series Coins

Oh Canada Series Coins

Canadians have a lot to celebrate. Ours is a culture that embraces and promotes inclusivity, tolerance, and respect. In fact, Canadian’s have become something of a world standard on politeness. To celebrate the unique contribution that this great nation makes to the global vision, Royal Canadian Mint has released their Oh Canada Coins.

The 2014 Oh Canada Series $10 coin Set Up Close

With this coin set, Royal Canadian Mint invites you to own ten silver coins dedicated to the celebration of Canadian culture. The coins all have the face value $10 and are 34mm in diameter. Each coin bears a symbol of Canadian culture such as the polar bear, an igloo, an adventurer skiing down a snow-covered mountainside and the maple tree and leaves. One coin in the series has its image in colour.

2014 Oh Canada Series $10 Coin Set Up Close

The 2014 $10 Oh Canada - Canadian Holiday Scene Fine Silver Coin

As a part of the Oh Canada Series, this coin’s artwork focuses on a scene that is dear to the heart of Canadians - winter holiday scene. The image includes a very cosy looking cottage with a snowman in the front yard holding a gift. Snow carpets the landscape and even the evergreens that occupy the backdrop. It exudes the warmth that Canadians display even in the midst of a cold season. The coin has a matte proof finish and serrated edges and is 99.99% pure silver.

2014 $10 Oh Canada - Canadian Holiday Scene

The 1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Down by the Old Maple Tree (2014)

This coin is the fifth in the Oh Canada series and feature as an image designed by artist Claudio D’ Angelo. The main image on this coin is a maple tree, a very important tree in Canadian culture as it served the indigenous peoples as well as the new settlers very well, especially during tough times. It has come to be associated with survival. From a swing on the tree, a little girl swings outward, pigtails flying, representing the fulfillment and excitement that Canada offers its youth. The image is so designed that the viewer gets the experience of an individual who stands or sits below the scene.

2014 Oh Canada Northern Lights Pure Silver Coin

As the only coin with a colour image in the series, this piece definitely stands out. Its artwork includes an image of a lone wolf in what appears to be howling position on the bank of a lake as the Northern Lights throw a spectacular green shade across the sky and in the water below. Everything else is metallic or silver in appearance creating a stark contrast while also highlighting the very cold temperatures for which Canada is known.

2014 $10 Oh Canada: The Canadian Cowboy - Pure Silver Coin

Not many people outside of Canada are familiar with the idea of a Canadian cowboy but the truth is that the cowboy culture is a very strong part of Western Canada. This coin is an ode to that aspect of Canadian culture. The artwork carved into the coin shows a cowboy sitting on his horse at the band of a field and observing the scene ahead of him. The viewer does not get to see his face as his head is turned almost away from the viewer and almost fully toward the cattle grazing. This coin is pure silver and has a matte proof finish

2014 $10 Oh Canada - Canadian Cowboy

What Colonial Offers You

The Oh Canada coin series is waiting for you at Colonial Acres. But Colonial’s collection does not stop there. They have a wide range of Royal Canadian Mint certified, memorabilia coins that serve a multiplicity of purposes. So whether you are seeking a gift or a boost for your existing collection, these Oh Canada coins are perfect and you might also want to check out the remainder of Colonial’s offerings to see what other prizes you’d like to acquire.

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2020 O Canada Gift Coin Set 2020 O Canada Gift Coin Set with Special Loon Dollar

2020 O Canada Gift Coin Set with Special Loon Dollar

Celebrate a happy occasion and show your love and passion for the country of Canada with this 2020 O Canada 6-Coin Gift Card Set. The coins in this set are designed by various artists and they come with some of the most famous symbols in the country.

Celebrate a happy occasion with this 6-coin gift card set that celebrates the maple leaf, a recognizable Canadian symbol. And, these uncirculated coins have been carefully selected to provide you with the best examples of their kind.

Item Number: 176121
Mintage: 100,000
Finish: Circulation

Face Value: 2 Dollars
Composition: Three-ply nickel finish plated steel (outer ring) Three-ply brass finish plated aluminum bronze (inner core)
Weight (g): 6.99
Diameter (mm): 28
Edge: Interrupted serrations

Face Value: 1 Dollar
Composition: Three-ply brass plated steel
Weight (g): 6.27
Diameter (mm): 26.50 11-sided
Edge: Plain

Face Value: 25 cents
Composition: Three-ply nickel finish plated steel
Weight (g): 4.4
Diameter (mm): 23.88
Edge: Serrated

Face Value: 10 cents
Composition: Three-ply nickel finish plated steel
Weight (g): 1.75
Diameter (mm): 18.03
Edge: Serrated

Face Value: 5 cents
Composition: Three-ply nickel finish plated steel
Weight (g): 3.95
Diameter (mm): 21.20
E dge: Plain

Special Features:
• The Special Maple Leaf Loon Dollar is only available only in this 6-coin gift card set.
• Also includes 2020-dated $2, $1, 25¢, 10¢, and 5¢ coins with traditional designs.
• Personalize each gift set with important milestones, best wishes or a message to mark special moments.
• Beautiful and unique graphic envelopes enclosed to enable immediate posting and personalized gifting.

Coins are set in a blister in the inside panel of the card, with the $1 coins die-cut to highlight design and enhance merchandising appeal.

List Price: $40.00
Our Price: $38.00