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Justice League Collectible Coins

Justice League Collectible Coins

They work together fearlessly and determinedly putting their superpowers and special talents to use in keeping fictional villains at bay and protecting humans from impending danger. They are the justice league originally known as the Justice League of America. The original Justice League comprised a team of heroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and the Martian Manhunter. Over time, the group evolved and adjusted to include a wide variety of superheroes such as the Green Arrow and Cyborg. But their mission remains the same - keep the villains away so that the citizens of earth can go about their daily lives in peace. These Royal Canadian Mint’s Superman coin sets are designed to celebrate a staple character in the team, the man of steel.

Heroes like Superman, though fictional, fill the void that exists in our world today. Everyday in the news there are stories of conflict and problems that are in constant need of heroism. Superman and his Justice League team represent the better part of human beings and inspire us all to strive to be our better selves. Plus they are pretty impressive when they get down to business. It is no wonder their stories, whether in comics or movie form, have become so popular around the world.

2018 Canada $20 The Justice League Collectible Coins

2018 Canada 25-cent Lenticular The Justice League 3D Coin with Trading Cards

The Justice League has a powerful reputation for heroic rescues and epic battles in the comic world. Superman, along with his Justice League comrades has been integral to the defense of humanity from the many evils that have arisen since the advent of the DC comic series. Fans were delighted, no doubt, to see the release of the 2018 Canada 25-cent Lenticular The Justice League 3D Coin with Trading Cards, an ode to the team that often stands between the inhabitants of the earth and certain doom.

The coin’s design is as impressive as the achievements of the heroes it celebrates. Its most significant feature being a three-dimensional representation of the superheroes, as created by Canadian artist Jason Fabok with colour enhancements by Brad Anderson. The coin depicts six members of the Justice League in colourful glory and stances that indicate they are charging into battle. At the forefront, the Flash seems to lead the charge followed by Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and, in the rear, the Man of Steel rises above his colleagues in his iconic battle stance.

2018 Canada $20 The Justice League: Cyborg and Superman Fine Silver

Superman coin sets throughout the years maintained focus solely on the Kryptonian hero, but coins showing him sharing the spotlight with other heroes have been released. Chief among these is the 2018 $20 Justice League silver coin. This coin shows Superman with his Justice League teammate Cyborg, both in the middle of combat. Cyborg stands behind Superman, reflecting the supportive spirit with which the team operates, and extends one arm forward, releasing a potent blue-hued power force while clenching a fist in the arm that extends backwards, ready to land a blow where needed. Superman stands to the forefront (without impeding the view of Cyborg as the image is presented in such a manner that the viewer gets a bird’s eye vantage point) and appears to be mid-flight with one arm stretched forward and the other clenched in a fist.

This coin’s beauty is nothing short of spectacular! Rich colours have been used to ensure that the design stays true to the essence of the comic book appearances. Additionally, parts of Cyborg are coated in a special solution that allows him to glow in the dark, enhancing his cybernetic features. Superman’s shield has a similar appearance.

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