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November 2017

Royal Canadian Mint Releases 
Brand New 150th Coins

It is no secret that the Royal Canadian Mint is a world-famous institution that takes great pride in the work it does. However, a particularly interesting aspect of its coin making work is producing unique artworks. Making collector coins that go on to become some of the most highly sought after pieces of numismatic craftsmanship is just another day at the office for the Mint. Since 2017 celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Mint saw it fit to create two very special additions to Canada 150 coins:

The Royal Canadian Mint’s 2017 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Canada’s Coasts Series: Arctic Coast

This coin was designed to feature a unique portrayal of the maple leaf, a widely recognized symbol of Canada. Boasting a breathtaking sunset on the icy Arctic coast of Canada, the 2017 $20 Fine Silver Coin - Canada’s Coast Series: Arctic Coast is the third and final piece of artwork in a series that features Canadian flora and fauna.

The coin comes with several special features, including:

  • Its mintage of 7,500 promises to make it a popular choice for collectors, especially since coins with a similar theme have sold out very quickly.
  • The intricately detailed engraving is beautifully complemented by a selective touch of colour of the maple leaf-shaped sunset. This makes the coin an exquisite example of national pride.
  • The coin represents the final chapter in the unique journey across Canada’s shores. The design encapsulates the icy northern waters, where the Arctic icon that is the beluga feels right at home.
  • Elevated to the status of art, the serene moment that is represented by the coastal Canadian sunset coming to life thanks to immaculate selective colouring gloriously celebrates the 150th birthday of Canada.