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October 2017

Celebrating Canada 150th  
Coin Release

There have been a number of Canada 150 coins, each of which has had a special meaning regardless of whether they were ordinary or collector coins. The reason for this is the fact that 2017 marks a very special occasion. This year, Canada celebrates 150 years of existence as a sovereign, independent nation. Among the many ways to celebrate such a joyous occasion, the Royal Canadian Mint has opted for two unique examples of supreme craftsmanship and original design:

2017 Canada $20 Majestic Maple Leaves with Drusy Stone

If there was ever a way to celebrate Canada in all of its natural beauty, this addition to the Canada 150 coins is definitely it. The 1 oz. fine silver coin boasts a maple leaf as the centrepiece of its design; a design that encapsulates a century and a half of history and achievements. Composed of 99.99% pure silver, this coin also boasts a meticulously shaped and crystal-encrusted drusy stone on the reverse. Highly prized by jewellery makers, its reverse showcases the most beloved symbol of Canada, which is the maple leaf.

The Royal Canadian Mint has once again outdone itself with this 38mm-diameter coin, which can be transformed into a piece of jewellery. It was crafted to fit into a bezel necklace kit which is sold separately, resulting in a unique necklace that is not only fashionable but also symbolizes national pride. The fine drusy quartz truly makes each coin unique, since it is renowned for its naturally occurring variations in markings and tones.