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August 2017

The Royal Canadian Mint Releases Canada 150 Coins for the 150th Canadian Anniversary

Latest release of minted coins celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a four-coin set, Maple Leaf Tribute, as part of the special coinage designed for the 150th Canadian anniversary celebration. The fractional Maple Leaf Tribute set comes rectangular boxed with a black lined background that shows off the coinage of the Canada 150 coins to perfection. The Maple Leaf Tribute will look good in any coin connoisseur’s collection of world coinage and available in pure silver. Or it is obtainable in a maple leaf shaped box with the coins set in 24 kt gold.

Royal Canadian Mint single coins and coin sets celebrate Canada’s history

One hundred and fifty years ago (1867) on July 1, the Canadian colonies, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia united to form the semi-autonomous federal Dominion of Canada. This milestone led to the country becoming fully independent and July 1 now regarded as Canada Day. This year celebrates the 150th anniversary of Canada’s independence. The Royal Canadian Mint joins in the celebration with a range of special Canada 150 coins to mark the occasion.

Commemorative Proof Set – 1967 Centennial Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a limited edition 2017 Canada 150 Proof Set that celebrates the 1967 Centennial designs. The set consists of the highest quality proof coins of each denomination produced in pure silver. The coins are all double-dated 1967-2017. The twenty dollar coin and the one cent coin come enhanced with selective gold plating. Furthermore, the set comes GST/HST exempt. Each of the seven silver coins of the commemorative set features a recreation of the original 1967 Centennial designs by the well-known Canadian artist Alex Colville who intended each animal to represent a Canadian aspect. These aspects are equally relevant today with the celebration of the Canada 150 coins.

Big Coin Series

Among the Canada 150 coins in the Big Coin Series, is the Alex Colville 1067 Centennial design of a one cent penny. This coin is set in pure silver and gilded with 24-karat gold plating.

The Canadian $2 Toonie

According to the Royal Canadian Mint, the new glow-in-the-dark coin is the first of this type of coin to enter circulation. The Toonie shows a view of the blue-green aurora borealis over two canoeists paddling in a tree-lined lake. The special ink used in the production illuminates the northern lights in the dark. This is a part of the latest tributes for Canada’s 150th.

The Great Trail Featured in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Special Canada 150 Coins

150th Anniversary celebrated with the Royal Canadian Mint of 150 circulation coins

The Great Trail is among Canada’s 150 Coins minted to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, and honoured by the Royal Canadian Mint, the official site for producing Canada’s money, in both English and French. The Great Trail also referred to as the Trans Canada Trail, started construction in 1992. It comprises a 22,000-mile network of car-free connected ways you can travel the second largest country in the world, on a trail stretching from Montreal to the Yukon. You can hike, bicycle, ride horseback, cross-country ski, or snowmobile and create a memorable experience of exploring through the countryside of greenery, waterways, and pathways.

The Royal Canadian Mint $25 Great Trail Coin for the 150th Canadian anniversary comes in 99.99% pure fine silver, certainly a coin for collectors to add to their collections. The Great Trail $25 silver coin is certificate serialized, finish proof, and plain edged.

$20 Silver Gilded Maple Leaf

Another of the special Canada’s 150 coins minted for the Canadian 150th Anniversary is a $20 Gilded Maple Leaf coin comprising pure silver enhanced with an addition of gilded silver. This is a recreation of the 1967 silver 25-cent coin, excelling today with the addition of selective gold plating. The reverse design is by the well-known artist Alex Colville, and the obverse is by Arnold Machin. Specifications of the coin are 99.99% pure silver, weight 157.6 gm., finish proof and the edge comes serrated with the certificates serial number of 156093.

Acclaimed contemporary artist Tim Barnard captured the Flora and Fauna of Canada for the art design of the $30 coin, one of the Canada 150 coins minted for the Centennial anniversary celebrations. This artistic coin is produced in pure silver, and for those people who prefer to have gold for an investment, it is available as a 2 oz Gold Coin. This stirring creation from Tim Barnard provided by the Royal Canadian mint includes a circular design with a content of more than fifty distinct iconic images that will do proud to any coin collector.

It is a portrait of Canadian history, flora, and fauna, and you will find the coin contains scenes from first nation culture and the Canadian way of life as well. Observe the coin carefully and you will see the initials of every Canadian province and territory. On the other side of the coin is the effigy by Susanna Blunt of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.