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July 2017

Canada 15 0 Gift Set

Canada is celebrating their 150th birthday this year, with the entire year focusing on celebrations and honouring this special occasion. The Royal Canadian Mint has gotten in on the celebration fun by creating unique coins depicting images that show the true nature and love of Canada. Coin collectors can choose from a nice selection of individual coins as well as sets and proofs to add to their collection that represent the special anniversary of the country.

One such coin set to launch soon is the 2017 Enamelled Special Edition Proof Silver Dollar - Our Home and Native Land. This coin celebrates what it means to be Canadian and is a perfect keepsake to remember this national celebration each and every year.

The new special edition proof silver dollar coin is created by the Royal Canadian Mint in 99.99% fine silver. Laser frosting was used to give the flag on the coin an ethereal appearance with the image being raised up behind the map of Canada, which appears in the 3-D form. Visual elements are used within the coin to represent the country with 150 engraved on the reverse in bright red enamel to invoke the special celebrations. The reverse side also includes the official logo for Canada 150 to help coin owners remember this special occasion. This coin is one of many being created by the Royal Canadian Mint in honour of this special occasion. With this coin, the launch date is set for August 1st.

Special Events

Several provinces in Canada are set to celebrate this special occasion. The capital region of Ottawa is, of course, celebrating this particular milestone with celebrations having started in June. The Lyon Station is a new transit system for the Ottawa Metro that should open by 2018 and will feature an underground light show provided by Moment Factory starting in July of this year. July 1st represented a large firework show in Ottawa, while July 2nd featured a lovely picnic for people to enjoy on the Alexandra Bridge.

Looking across the country, the national parks, as well as historic sites and marine conservation areas, are free to the public this year as a way to celebrate this historic occasion.

Vancouver is offering an interesting option when it comes to celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada. The focus will be on the last 150 years plus telling a story of the tribes involved in the lower mainland of British Columbia including Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, Musqueam, and Squamish. Enjoy visiting Vancouver from now until September to view the magic of salmon run displayed with a cinematic spectacle at the Cambie Bridge.

At Colonial Acres, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada by helping others find quality coins to add to their coin collection, such as the special edition proof mentioned above. Learn more about the special coins created for this anniversary by visiting our website!