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The Royal Canadian Mint Canada 150 Coins Explained

Adding to your coin collection or purchasing a gift for an avid coin collector in your life is always fun, especially when the new set is a mint first. The Royal Canadian Mint has been quite busy this year creating new collections, sets and individual coins due to the fact that this year is Canada’s 150th anniversary. To commemorate the Canada 150 anniversary, the Mint has created several unique coin sets including the 2017 Classic Canadian Coin Special Wrap Roll Collection. With this set, you are not only receiving unique coins but rolls of each denomination!

With this new classic collection, the Royal Canadian Mint took traditional designs from Canadian coin currency and created 2017 versions for the new Canada 150 coins. The famous coin designs that include the polar bear, caribou, common loon, beaver and Bluenose were used for new 2017 versions. These coins are not in circulation this year so this is a unique opportunity to own the classic coin designs.

Not only do you get to enjoy these new classic designs, each coin roll is wrapped in commemorate paper. The paper features a re-creation of the reverse image of each coin, all in stunning colour. The collection also comes in a nice collector’s case for easy displaying. Each roll is in its place so that it can be viewed and enjoyed.

The Five Classic Coin Designs

The five classic coin designs take images that have been used in the past and reuse them for the 2017 150th anniversary. The Polar Bear is included in this coin roll set on the $2 coin. First launched in 1996, this coin shows the polar bear in its natural habitat. For the $1 coin, the common loon is seen swimming with the Canadian Shield as the backdrop. This coin was first launched in 1987.

On the 25 cent piece, the caribou is featured, being an icon of Canada since 1937. For the ten cent piece, the Bluenose is displayed, a fishing and racing vessel common to the history of the nature. The Bluenose first appeared in the country in 1921 and became a staple on the 10 cent piece in 1937.

The beaver is the last iconic image used in this collection. Seen on the five cent piece, the beaver is the national animal of Canada. The country sees the beaver as a symbol representing both perseverance and hard work.

This collection set is unique in the fact that you not only get the classic coin designs but they are marked for this milestone year, celebrating the 150th anniversary. You also get a full roll of each denomination, which sets this collection apart from the rest.

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2018 Canada Big Coin Rose-Gold Plated 5oz. Silver 7-coin Subscription (No Tax) 2018 Canada Big Coin Rose-Gold Plated 5oz. Silver 7-coin Subscription (No Tax)

2018 Canada Big Coin Rose-Gold Plated 5oz. Silver 7-coin Subscription (No Tax)

Our popular Big Coin Series is back for 2018! Celebrate the history and artistry of Canadian coinage with this special series of fine silver circulation coins featuring selective rose gold plating. Includes two new designs: a unique Voyageur Dollar and an extra-special seventh coin - the Penny! This stunning selective rose gold plated 99.99% pure silver coin reproduces in large format the Voyageur Dollar designed by renowned sculptor Emanuel Hahn and first issued in 1935.

***Coin #7 - 1-cent Coin is only available in this subscription!***


Composition: 99.99% pure Silver
Mintage: 1,500
Weight (g): 157.6
Diameter (mm): 65.25
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:
- Special selective rose gold plating technique allows the coin's engraved elements to shine, adding visual interest to the iconic design.
- Part of the Royal Canadian Mint's exciting 7-coin series of 5-ounce pure silver versions of current and historical Canadian circulation coinage.
- Exceptionally low mintage of only 1,500 coins means that this piece is sure to be sought after by collectors around the world. Previous issues of this popular series regularly sell out.
- Drawing its inspiration from Canadian minting, each coin in the series makes an exquisite gift, an inspiring introduction to collecting, or an important addition for any collector interested in Canadian subjects, Canadian and international circulation coinage, or minting history.

Maroon clamshell with graphic beauty box.**Unfortunately, this product is not eligible for VIP Rewards Points

Our Price: $4,000.00
Sale! : $2,999.00
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