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What to look out for when you sell your gold or silver jewellery

Selling jewellery in Kitchener is quite easy if you know what to do. You can easily sell your old silver and gold jewellery for a profit in a number of ways. One of the best ways is to take broken pieces of jewellery to a reputable dealer who can give you top dollar for the gold and silver content of your pieces. You will be cleaning out your collection as well as earning a profit which can be used to buy even more pieces for your jewellery collection. Read on to see what you need to look out for when selling items from your collection.

Avoid Acting on Impulse

When you are prepared to sell your jewellery, you may jump the gun so to speak and sell before you are ready to. Take a look at the pieces you wish to sell. Do they have an emotional value? Are you truly ready to sell your pieces? The best pieces of jewellery to sell are items that are broken, missing pieces such as a set of earrings where you have only one or items that are outdated with no emotional meaning to you.

Always Get An Appraisal

Before you sell any jewellery, have an appraisal completed for each piece. A buyer that pays by gold or silver weight will be giving you money for the value of the silver or gold, not the finished piece. You may find that particular pieces have more value as an antique or intricate piece rather than for the gold or silver content. This will help you know that you are making the right decision when selling your pieces.

Know the Gold and Silver Ratings

To be sure you get the best deal, you want to sell the pieces that have the highest gold and silver content. With gold, pieces that have 10, 14 or 18 karat gold will bring in money. Silver is rated different such as a sterling rating. You want to be sure the pieces you have will get you top dollar when selling to a dealer for gold and silver content.

Work with a Reputable Buyer

When you decide to sell your gold and silver jewellery, be sure that you are working with a reputable buyer. When you sell to someone who has a good reputation, you know that you are not being swindled and will get top dollar for your pieces. Having high ethical standards are important and you should ensure any buyer has a high rating with the public and has no customer complaints.

At Colonial Acres, we are happy to pay you top dollar for your gold and silver jewellery pieces. We offer you a quality appraisal for your items and will pay you on the spot, helping you to earn money for your jewellery collection. Speak with our representatives today to find out how the process works and begin to have your items appraised for gold and silver content.