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Inherited gold jewellery: what to do with it?

When it comes to an inheritance, often times the amount of items you are given can be overwhelming. Grandmothers and aunts often leave their large jewellery collections to their loved ones, which can leave you with bags of items that you have no idea what to do with. Inheriting gold jewellery can be considered a blessing or curse, depending on who you ask. However, you can turn it into a blessing by learning just what to do with those inherited jewellery pieces. Read to see what you can do to earn money or pass along those precious pieces.

Have Your Items Appraised

The first thing you need to do is have the jewellery appraised by a professional. Even if you have broken or extremely old pieces in the inherited collection, they have value. When it comes to gold jewellery in Kitchener, you will find that you might have more value due to the gold used in each piece.

Pieces that are 10K gold or higher will have the most value and you will be able to get top dollar for pieces you wish to offload. Once you know the value of your collection, you can determine which pieces you will sell for gold value as well as which pieces might be worth more when considered as a jewellery piece.

Take for example a solid gold bracelet versus a gold tennis bracelet. The solid bracelet may have more value when considered the gold content while the gold tennis bracelet has added value due to the diamonds on the piece. You could sell the solid bracelet for gold value while the tennis bracelet could be sold based on its overall value, diamonds included. This way, you earn more money for the pieces you decide to sell.

Keeping Pieces and Passing Some On

Because you have inherited this jewellery collection, it is important to keep at least a few pieces or pass some on to other generations in your family, especially if you inherited the pieces from a special loved one. Go through the collection and keep pieces that have significant value to you due to memories or pieces that may have more monetary value later on.

Also consider passing down a few pieces to other family members in the future. You might want to save a beautiful necklace for your child after they graduate or get married. You will know which pieces have more significant meaning to you and be able to decide which pieces to keep for the future and which to pass on to other family members who would like to have a piece of the beloved family member’s collection.

At Colonial Acres, we can assist you with all your appraisal needs for jewellery in Kitchener. We offer full appraisals for your items and will offer top dollar so you see a nice return on your investment. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for an appraisal. We can review individual items as well as full collections, whatever you need to have appraised.