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May 2017

Canada 15 0 Gift Set

We have enjoyed seeing the latest creations by the Royal Canadian Mint in honour of the 150th anniversary. The Canada 150 coins are quite stunning, with options to purchase individual coins, proof sets, subscription series and more. For the month of May the Royal Canadian Mint has come out with some more coins to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

2017 Special Edition Pure Silver Proof Set-CANADA 150: Our Home and Native Land

Our Home and Native Land is a unique proof that is created from 99.99% pure silver. The set consists of a proof dollar, 2 dollars, 1 dollar, 50 cent, 25 cent, ten cent and five cent coins. Each coin is created from pure silver while the Proof Dollar has selective gold plating, the 2 dollar coin has a gold-plated inner core and the 1 dollar is also gold plated.

What makes this proof set unique is that the design was created from a contest known as My Canada, My Inspiration. Each coin has a different designer for the reverse side, with the designers using the iconic Canadian symbols but reimagining them for this new set. Designed by Canadians, this set is sure to please individuals from Canada as well as avid coin collectors.

2017 Fine Silver 3-coin Set : The Forgotten 1927 Designs

In 1927, three circulation coin designs were chosen to commemorate Confederation’s Diamond Jubilee; however they never made it onto a single coin. Ninety years later, the Royal Canadian Mint is re-visiting some of Canada’s coin lore: they have went back in time to retrieve these concepts in this three-coin set, which artfully bridges the past and Canada 150. All three coins feature the unused circulation coin designs intended to commemorate Canada’s Diamond Jubilee in 1927. Working with the original sketches (and little else), the Royal Canadian Mint’s engravers set out to interpret each artist’s vision as though the art had been entrusted to them today, to mark Confederation’s 150th anniversary.

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