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March 2017

How the Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating Canada’s 15 0th Anniversary

The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for creating the unique coinage for the nation of Canada, including commemorative and special occasion coins. For the Canada 150 celebration, the Royal Canadian Mint has created several special coins for the occasion, including proof sets, individual coins and more. Learn more about a few of these special edition coins below.

2017 Canada 150 Coin Collection

The Canada 150 coins created by the Royal Canadian Mint are representations of the nation’s identify as well as pride. The coins feature images and significant moments in time that Canadians will never forget. It is easy to obtain a once-in-a-lifetime moment in small size as you can purchase individual collectors coins, proof sets and more. Each coin was designed to be unique and feature a specific theme, providing an option for collectors to choose based on look, design and overall appeal. Whether you are looking for something that is unique or a complete set, the Royal Canadian Mint has you covered.

2017 Pure Silver Proof Set 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation

For proof set collectors, the 2017 Pure Silver Proof Set 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation collection is a must. This collection takes a modern approach to the standard design of the 2 dollar, 1 dollar, 50 cent piece, 25 cent piece, ten cents and five cent coins. Selective gold plating has been added to enhance the focal point of the coins, and definition is added with detailed frosting. Enjoy displaying the collection in a leather book style, an elegant option for showing off this proof set.

2017 My Canada, My Inspiration

A unique collector card option was created by the Royal Canadian Mint for the 150th celebrations, titled 2017 My Canada, My Inspiration. The 5 coin set includes a unique design on each coin, chosen from the My Canada, My Inspiration contest hosted by the Mint. The 25 cent coin is a coloured variety while the 2 dollar coin is a glow-in-the-dark specimen. Each coin was carefully hand-selected to provide the best samples in the collector cards.

These are just a few of the collector items you will find created by the Royal Canadian Mint for the 150th Celebration. Add one or a few of these coins to your collection to commemorate this occasion in history. At Colonial Acres, we are happy to help you find such coins or other coinage you may wish to add to your coin collection. We can track down hard to find coins or help you begin on the path to coin collecting.