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April 2017

Canada 15 0 Gift Set

2017 is actually a great year to start a collection. The Royal Canadian Mint has created several commemorative pieces and collections in honour of the Canada 150 celebration. Canada 150 coins come in all denominations and collector types, including colourful coins, glow-in-the-dark options and more. Easily start your new collection with a few individual coins from the 150th anniversary mintings or choose entire proof sets to commemorate this moment in history.

2017 Proudly Canadian Glow-in-the-Dark Coin

For a unique coin to add to your collection celebrating the 150th Anniversary, the 2017 Proudly Canadian coin is a must. This coin is created from 99.99% pure silver and glows in the dark! The coin has a lovely depiction of the Canadian flag with fireworks in the background, all in colour. Once hit by light, the coin will be activated and be able to glow once the lights go down.

When you choose to subscribe to the monthly Celebrating Canada’s 150th series 13 coin subscription, you will begin to receive a coin each month until you have received all of the 13 coin collection. With this subscription set, you will receive a deluxe collector case where you can store all thirteen coins as they arrive. This special packaging is shipped with the fourth coin as you begin your collection. Display your new collection proudly as friends and family members are able to admire this unique coin set once complete.

While all coin collections can be visually stunning due to design intricacies, what makes this collection unique is the colourful image on each coin. The colourful beauty makes for a lovely addition to any coin collection. Enjoy each month’s delivery as you get to view a unique coin of the collection.