Colonial Acres thanks you for your past patronage of our store!

Things are changing behind the scenes here at Colonial. We're switching website platforms at the start of June. We hope you will enjoy a refreshed browsing experience!

Here's how the change will affect you:

Colonial's website (and storefront) will be closed from Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd as we make the transition.
  • The regular Sunday Unique Deals event will begin Monday the 3rd. (For our night owls, the site might not be online till morning.)
  • Your customer account will be transferred to the new platform automatically, though you might need to make a new password when you first try to log in.
  • Feel free to keep placing orders on our existing website in the run-up to that weekend; we won't lose track of them!
Important: The new website will feature a new reward points system. The points you currently have accumulated won't be carried over to the new site.
  • For this reason, we encourage you to redeem all the points you have in your account by Thursday, May 30 to avoid losing out on potential discounts!
  • If you're not sure how to do this, give us a call or see the brief instructions under My Account → VIP Rewards.
  • For our VIP customers, please note that for technical reasons the new website will not at first feature a VIP discount system. Stay tuned for a new loyalty system at a later date!
  • We regrettably won't be able to apply the traditional discounts by hand in the interim.
Naturally, it will take a little while for all of us to get used to the new website and how it works. And with a catalogue of over 16,000 different products currently in stock, we anticipate there will inevitably be some mix-ups and mistakes as we transfer all those reams of information to the new platform. We appreciate your patience with us in June and beyond as our staff learns the ropes again and we labour to correct any mistakes.

Thanks to your gracious patronage of our store over the years, we've outgrown our current website, and it's the right time for an upgrade. The change will keep us at Colonial on our toes - and enable us, behind the curtain, to serve you better as you pursue your numismatic and investment endeavours.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new site in June. Until then, keep on shopping, and remember: websites change, but coins remain - this is the hobby that lasts forever!

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