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Iconic Superman Collectible Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint's collectible coins pay tribute to iconic figures and historic accomplishments by Canadians. From 2015 to 2016, it accomplished both at the same time with a series of commemorative coins celebrating the original comic book superhero, Superman.

Superman was created in the Midwestern United States, and during World War II, he became associated with the slogan "Truth, justice, and the American way." Nevertheless, Superman belongs to everyone. The character can be said to have dual citizenship because one of his creators was born in Canada. With a history that spans over 80 years, Superman is one of the most enduring figures in popular culture. He constantly evolves to reflect the current times, yet always remains true to his core values. Each Canadian Superman coin available at Colonial Acres Coins celebrates the Man of Steel at a particular point in his history.


While Superman's origin story is familiar, his history is less well known. The character was created in the mid-1930s in Cleveland, Ohio, by two high school friends, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Schuster. Shuster moved to the United States at the age of 9 or 10, but he was born and spent most of his childhood in Toronto, where his father was a poor Jewish tailor. The tradition established by Schuster continues. Talented Canadian artists, such as Tom Grummet, Darwyn Cook, and Jason Fabok contribute to the Superman mythos to this day.

2013 Canada 50-cent Superman: Then and Now Lenticular Coin & Stamp Set


The Superman coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint four or five years ago are available at Colonial Acres. Each features a recreation of an iconic comic book cover or splash page featuring the Man of Steel. Some are from early in his history while others are more recent. Each represents the look and feel of the comic by rendering the character in vibrant color.

  • Superman #4: Published in 1940, in this issue Superman rescues the citizens of Metropolis by lifting the pillars of a crumbling building above his head during an earthquake. Finely detailed engraving on the gold coin brings the image to life, and the framing of concentric circles gives the design a sense of motion and depth.
  • Superman Unchained #2: This silver Canadian Superman coin is from a more recent comic series, published in 2013. As one of the issue's variant covers, the image depicts Superman lifting a rogue tank with one hand, seemingly poised to leap out of the coin at any moment.
  • Gauntlet: Superman faces off against some of his most infamous foes, including Lex Luthor, General Zod, and Brainiac, on this silver coin. The style of artwork mimics that of DC Comics from the 1980s, and while Superman appears in color, the rogues' gallery gives the impression of inked drawings due to laser engraving technology.
  • Man of Steel: This silver coin depicts Superman in a classic pose of power and strength: his feet planted far apart, his hands clenched into fists, his face set in determination, and his red cape swirling around him.
2015 $10 Gauntlet - DC Comics Originals TM Fine Silver Coin
2016 Canada $20 DC Comics Originals - The Man of Steel
2015 $20 Iconic Superman Comic Book Covers- Superman Unchained


Over the 86 years of his existence, Superman's popularity has occasionally waxed and waned but never faltered. There are many theories about why Superman resonates with the public. Some see the story as a religious allegory, while others see the character as the quintessential immigrant trying to assimilate. Unlike his friend and rival Batman, Superman appeals to an innate sense of idealism. With his powers, he could easily conquer the world, yet all he wants to do is try to make it a better place. If Batman's human foibles and weaknesses make him relatable, Superman's incorruptibility and purity of purpose are aspirational. He represents what basically good but ultimately flawed people wish they could be.


These Canadian Superman coins make a great addition to an existing collection or the start of a new one. For all your numismatic needs, contact us at Colonial Acres Coins.