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2020's Commemorative Silver Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

2020's Commemorative Silver Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

Every year the Royal Canadian Mint releases a collection of stunning commemorative coins for collectors and history enthusiasts. The designs typically feature an aspect of Canadian life or mark something in the country's story. The coins are featured in platinum, silver and gold and help the Mint raise funds for its various endeavours. Here at Colonial Acres Coins, we are happy to show our customers some of the most impressive entries for this year's silver commemorative coins.

This Year's Exciting New Designs

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most tumultuous times ever. The global pandemic has taken the world by storm and impacted our daily lives, routines and the way we do business. Despite the problems facing the world, the Royal Canadian Mint still released a variety of beautiful silver coin designs. Some of the collectible coins this year focus on:

  • Significant Canadian People – Coins celebrating the lives of people who have made an impact in Canadian are popular.
  • Native Canada – The Mint produces a variety of designs that feature Canadian flora and fauna.
  • Historical Events – On the anniversary of historical events, such as battles, treaties or movements, the Mint sometimes creates a commemorative design.
  • Special Moments – Coins that are designed for life's big events, such as weddings and new babies, are also common.

2020 Canada $125 75th Anniversary of UNESCO Fine Silver

The Real Shapes Collection

The Real Shapes Collection Silver Commemorative

One of the most exciting examples of the 2020 line of silver commemorative coins is the real shapes collection. The real shapes collection is a series of gold-plated silver $50 coins with Canadian wildlife designs. Instead of the usual circle shape, these coins are minted in the shape of the animals. The real shapes collection includes the common loon, caribou, bluenose, beaver, coat of arms and the polar bear. Each coin features a silhouette of the animal and Queen Elizabeth II's portrait on the other side.

Traditional Pysanka

The Royal Canadian Mint is also happy to celebrate the Ukrainian-Canadian population with the traditional pysanka silver coin for 2020. This $20 pure silver coin features a rainbow of gorgeous colours. The pysanka is a traditional Ukrainian Easter egg that is elaborately decorated with folk designs, patterns and vibrant colours. The Mint's 2020 coin has eight-pointed roses in black, blue, red, orange and green hues.

2020 Canada $20 Traditional Pysanka Fine Silver Coin

Baby Feet Coin

2020 Canada $10 Welcome to the World - Baby Feet Fine Silver

2020's coin designs also have an option for new parents welcoming a little one to their families. The 2020 baby feet silver coin design is made from pure silver in a $10 denomination. Mark a new baby's birth with this sleek silver coin featuring a pair of adorable baby footprints on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse. This coin makes a perfect gift for a baby shower or christening or a way to start your own little one's coin collection.

Birthstones Collection

The Mint also has produced a stunning birthstone collection in silver for 2020. The birthstone coins are minted in pure silver and have a $5 denomination. The main artwork of the coin features delicate scrollwork around four gemstones. There are three smaller Swarovski crystals circling the centrepiece birthstone crystal. Each month gets its own special birthstone coin. These coins are great gift options for someone's birthday, anniversary or the birth of a new baby.

Birthstones Collection

Floral Emblems of Canada

Floral Emblems of Canada

The Canadian Mint also unveiled a series of coins that commemorate some of Canada's noteworthy plant life. The floral emblem silver coins for 2020 were released with intricate designs and colourful artwork. These are $3 silver coins that capture the beauty of the flowers in the different parts of the country. The series features 13 different designs including Nova Scotia's mayflower, British Columbia's Pacific dogwood, Manitoba's prairie crocus and New Brunswick's purple violet.

Multifaceted Animal Heads

The last noteworthy design that the Mint has released so far in 2020 is the multifaceted animal head collection. This is another series from the Royal Canadian Mint that celebrates the wonder of Canada's great wild animals. Unlike other collections, these silver coins are three-dimensional. The $25 coins have an innovative relief texture that shows off Canadian animals like the grizzly bear and the lynx. These are unique coins that will add something special to your collection.

This year still has a few more positive surprises coming with new 2020 commemorative coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. Mark how significant 2020 was by adding to your collection with some of this year's designs from Colonial Acres Coins.

Multifaceted Animal Heads