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Affordable Silver and Gold Jewellery: Where to Look for Them

Silver and gold jewellery can add value to your jewellery collection as well as provide you with many options to accessorize your daily outfits. However, jewellery that is created from gold and silver can be expensive and you might not have the budget to add such precious pieces to your collection on a regular basis. However, there are ways to add new pieces to your collection without breaking the bank. See how, below.

Estate Sales

One of the best ways to find unique jewellery pieces that are of the highest gold and silver quality is at estate sales. Buying jewellery at Kitchener estate sales can help you find unique pieces that are real and have quite the value. Estate sales often offer jewellery at a premium price and if you know how to check the assay marking of a piece, then you can find real items to add to your collection. Look for markings on rings, bracelets and necklaces to find pieces of significant value to add to your jewellery collection at quality prices.

Online Sales

Quality jewellery can often be purchased online, but you must be sure the seller is legit before purchasing. Check for ratings about the seller to ensure that they have a high rating and have found to be a verified seller. This way, you will not purchase items that are not real or have any issues with the purchase such as payment processing. Find out as much as you can about who you are purchasing from to avoid making the mistake of buying faulty or fake items..

Search Locally

You also have the option to shop locally for used jewellery which can be sold at a much lower cost than brand new pieces. Check local pawn shops, antique stores and auction houses to see what might be up for grabs. You may find quite a few pieces to add to your jewellery fetish that doesn’t cost you too much in the long run! Even check the local want ads or classifieds to see if you can find local sellers who wish to get rid of unwanted jewellery pieces.

Sell Old Pieces or Broken Jewelry

Sell Old Pieces or Broken Jewelry To make new purchases more affordable, consider selling pieces from your collection. Even if you have broken pieces of jewellery, it can be sold for the silver or gold content value. By selling old pieces, you can earn money which can then be used to purchase new pieces.

At Colonial Acres, we specialize in jewellery appraisals. We can help you find value in your jewellery items. Have your old or broken items appraised for gold and silver content, to provide you with quick cash that can be used towards new jewellery pieces for your collection. Contact our office today to find out how we can assist you with your jewellery needs.